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Saint Francis FastCare Means Quality Care
and Lower Healthcare Costs for Everyone

For a Flu Diagnosis and Treatment...


Emergency Room

More than

Urgent Care Clinic

More than

Saint Francis FastCare




*Based on a median charge.
**Includes basic labs: Monospots, Pregnancy test, Rapid flu, Rapid strep, TB skin test, Urinalysis.

Many people use hospital Emergency Rooms for common ailments such as sore throats, flu, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, and insect bites. The average cost of an ER visit for a minor ailment is $617. Many insurance plans pass much or all of this cost on to you in the form of high deductibles or coinsurance.  

Saint Francis FastCare provides experienced, expert treatment by a Saint Francis APRN for $79, a price that includes basic labs. Whether covered by insurance, Medicaid, or by the patient, Saint Francis FastCare's quality value-based pricing reduces healthcare costs for everyone. 

The choice is clear.

Saint Francis FastCare provides the right care at the right price - and in a place and at a time that are right for you! 

Saint Francis FastCare - Healthcare at the Speed of Life.