How Will I Feel?

How I FeelFor a few minutes, as the chamber pressure slowly builds up, you may feel a sensation in your ears. It's similar to the feeling you may have had while flying in an airplane, or driving up a steep hill or mountain. This feeling is normal. It's due to the gas pressures on each side of your eardrum not being equal. 

Once the chamber has reached your treatment pressure, there is no sensation in your ears. This is because the pressure is now evenly distributed on each side of your eardrum.

Before your first treatment session begins, we will teach you a number of simple techniques that will help you avoid ear discomfort. Your chamber operator will remind you of these at the start of each treatment session, and work with you to ensure you do not have problems.

How long does it take?

A typical treatment session lasts a little less than two hours. During this time you can watch a movie or television, listen to the radio, or even sleep. A medical professional monitors you and the chamber throughout the session. The number of treatment sessions required ranges from 1 to 60. Multiple treatment sessions are delivered over several weeks. The number of treatment sessions required depends on your original medical condition and your body's response to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions