How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?(2)

Hyperbaric oxygen is used to promote oxygen transport to tissues in conditions where the normal oxygen delivery pathway is compromised by disease, injury, tissue poisoning, infection, inflammation or swelling. It can benefit you in several ways by helping to:

  • Stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in compromised tissue, which improves oxygen delivery and supports wound healing
  • Enhance the infection-fighting killing power of the special white cells (leukocytes) that, when deprived of oxygen, are unable to kill the organisms they normally ingest
  • Kill the types of bacteria that cause life-threatening diseases such as gas gangrene by a direct bactericidal action
  • Reduce the inflammation and swelling that disrupts blood flow to the tissues so improving oxygen delivery
  • Accelerate the removal of toxic substances from the tissues of patients affected by acute smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning. It also helps reduce secondary events that can permanently affect the lives of these victims
  • Heal many wounds that are the result of circulatory damage caused by chronic conditions such as peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, osteomyelitis, and radiation therapy
  • Save the limbs of many patients who might otherwise have to deal with amputation

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