How you can help us

Our objective is to make each visit to the clinic a pleasant and positive experience, but above all safe. You can help us achieve this objective by reading and abiding by the simple Do's and Don'ts listed below.

The Do's

Do provide a complete list of your current medications including non-prescription drugs you take regularly, or are taking when you attend for your clinical evaluation. Hyperbaric oxygen interacts with many medications and we need to review what you are taking with your physicians in order to prepare you to start treatment. Advise our staff if you start taking any new medications during the course of your treatment program.

Do tell us if you have any implanted devices such as a cardiac pacemaker or Punctal Plugs.

Do advise our staff of any changes in your physical well-being since your last treatment, particularly if you are developing the symptoms of a cold or flu, fever, sinusitis, or an ear infection. It is often best to delay treatment until these symptoms subside.

Do remove any and all of the following before entering the chamber:

  • Dentures or partial plates
  • Hearing aids or other personal assisted-living devices
  • All jewelry such as rings and other personal items. If you cannot remove a ring we will tape it over for you.
  • All oil or alcohol-based grooming products such as hair sprays and dressings, make-up, perfumes, colognes and aftershaves. It is best not to use any of these products until after the daily treatment has been completed
  • Over-the-counter thermal heating products used for the temporary relief of joint and back pain such as those sold by ThermaCare. These items come in many forms and from many manufacturers - none are permitted in the chamber
  • Your street clothes - A changing room and locker is provided, and special loose-fitting, lightweight garments will be supplied for you to change into before each treatment
  • Do feel free to bring music CD's or DVD's, these can be played on the chamber entertainment system at your request.

The Don'ts

Do not bring smoking or other flammable materials into the clinic. We operate a strict no smoking policy. Cigarettes, matches, lighters, any type of handwarmer or other flammable materials are not permitted in or around the hyperbaric chamber

Do not use any smoking products during the course of your treatment program. The effects of smoking can significantly reduce the benefits you gain from the treatment and could prevent us achieving a positive outcome for you

Do not bring personal entertainment items such as Walkmans or MP3 players to the clinic. They are not permitted in the chamber

Do not bring valuable items with you. Although lockers are provided for clothing and other items we recommend that you leave any personal valuables at home. We cannot accept responsibility for items lost or mislaid during your visit

Our staff will check with you before each treatment to ensure you have not overlooked any of the prohibited items.

Specific Prohibition: This facility is a healing environment and place of safety for our patients and the staff who care for them. The carriage, maintenance or storage of Firearms, Weapons or Explosives of any kind on campus grounds is expressly prohibited, even if the owner has a valid permit. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS - DO NOT BRING IT IN! If you have any questions concerning this policy, we will be happy for you to speak with a representative from the hospital security staff.

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