Other frequently asked questions

Q: Will my dressings need to be removed before each treatment? 

No. There is no need to disturb your dressings because this therapy works naturally by using your body's cardiovascular system to deliver the oxygen you are breathing to the tissues.

Q: I have been told too much oxygen is bad for me, is this true? 

Too much of anything is bad for you. To put this into perspective, 2 aspirins will cure a headache but you will certainly become ill or even kill yourself if you take 52. The doses of oxygen given to you during a treatment are well established and controlled, they are below the levels at which oxygen may be considered harmful. Unlike the side effects seen with many pharmaceutical drugs, an adverse reaction to hyperbaric oxygen is a very rare occurrence and easily reversible by simply switching to air. It has no residual effects.

Q: Might I get the "bends"? 

No. This is not possible because you are breathing 100% oxygen. A Scuba-Diver may suffer decompression sickness otherwise known as the "bends" due to nitrogen in their breathing air building up in the tissues during the time they are underwater. This nitrogen can form bubbles in their blood if they come to the surface too quickly and this causes the "bends". By contrast, the level of nitrogen in your body will actually be reducing continuously throughout the time you are having treatment, which means treatment can be stopped at any time without risk of the "bends".

Q: How do I pass the time during treatment? 

All of our chambers are equipped with individual audio-visual entertainment systems. You can listen to music, or watch TV or a movie. Of course, you may prefer to take the opportunity to simply rest and relax away from life's hustle and bustle while the hyperbaric oxygen does its work.

Q: Can I eat before I come?  

Yes, we like all patients to eat at least a snack e.g. a sandwich or candy bar 60 -90 minutes before you come in for your treatment. This is particularly important for diabetic patients, we like your blood sugar to be 120mg/dl or a little higher before you start your treatment. All of our diabetic patients will get a Fingerstick check before and after treatment as part of our program to monitor your blood sugar.

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