Energy Therapy Techniques

These gentle relaxation techniques use light touch or no touch. The can be very helpful to experience a sense of calmness and comfort. Some Energy Therapy Techniques are:

  • Therapeutic touch
  • Energy Therapy
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

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CranioSacral (CST) Practice Group Karen Kramer, R.N., M.A., H.N.C.

CranioSacral is a therapy that helps balance the nervous system and relieves restrictions. This group is for CST practitioners who have completed CST I or II and would like review and practice of the techniques that were learnedFebruary 7 

Fee: $15 

Basic Therapeutic Touch Class Karen Kramer R.N. M.A. H.N.C. Q.T.T.T 

Would you like to learn how to decrease stress, ease pain, accelerate healing, and increase your sense of well-being? This class on Therapeutic Touch will teach you techniques that may help you enhance your quality of life and those of your loved ones. Class includes meditations, discussion, and exchanges with students. Therapeutic Touch is a healing modality based on ancient healing techniques, backed by research, and used in many colleges and hospitals. 

Saturday , March 15
12-8:30 p.m.
Fee: $160