Maternity Integrative Medicine Programs and Services

Whether you are an expectant mom, or have just delivered your little one, Integrative Medicine offers you the service which can enhance your experience.

During Your Pregnancy

These services can help to reduce stress hormones in the mother's body, providing a more nurturing environment for your growing baby. Offered for a fee at our Center for Integrative Medicine or access centers in Avon, Enfield and Glastonbury:

  • Acupuncture Many pregnant women try acupuncture to provide drug-free relief from many of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. Acupuncture also can be ffective in fetal positioning. (Hartford only)
  • Energy Therapy Aids in relaxation, balances energy in the body, and provides a sense of peace
  • Prenatal Hypnosis Workshop Introduces an easy, comfortable birthing style. It uses no drugs and is 100% safe. Learn to work with your birthing companion on natural relaxation techniques that help you stay awake and aware when your child is entering the world.
  • Hypnosis Proven effective in reducing nausea and anxiety
  • Massage Therapy Can be relaxing as well as energizing and helps prepare body and mind for a smoother delivery

During Your Hospital Stay

These services give you the pampering you deserve and can also help relieve residual pain or anxiety. They are offered free of charge while you are in the hospital:

  • Energy Therapy Aids in relaxation and sleep, balances the energy in the body, and provides a sense of peace
  • Mind-Body Techniques Such as imagery, hypnosis, and meditation, help you relax as well as reduce anxiety and pain
  • Soft Touch Hand Massage Is very gentle, calming and relaxing - a simple gift.
  • Acupuncture Can be helpful for pain and balances the body's energy


These services are also available in the hospital, for an extra fee :

  • Massage Therapy Pamper yourself and/or your new little one with a full body massage
  • Infant Massage Training Learn to nurture your baby at the bedside
  • Gift Certificates Available for purchase - give the gift of relaxation

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