Physician Consultation Service, Dr. Kathleen Mueller 

Major insurances are accepted for our physician visits including Medicare and Medicaid.

Please call the Center for our self-pay fees.

Comprehensive lifestyle consultation – 60 minutes - Before your visit, Dr. Mueller will analyze a 3 day diet history, review your medications and supplements and create and individual approach to health and wellness designed just for you. Ideal for those wanting to reduce prescription medication use with lifestyle changes for illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight or those dealing with a serious chronic illness. A 30 minute follow up 4-6 weeks later is strongly encourage.

Follow up consult30 minutes – Check back in with Dr. Mueller after you have implemented your plan for any tune ups that you need or questions that you have.

Targeted Integrative Medicine consult30 minutes - Do you have questions about your supplements? Not sure which integrative approach to try? Just have a few questions for an MD with extensive integrative training? This visit is right for you.

Physician supplement review30 minutes – Are you taking supplements and want to know more about their uses, quality and indications? Choose an MD supplement review visit.

Physician-Guided Stress Reduction90 minutes - After an evaluation and intake by Dr. Mueller, you will learn 3 stress reduction practices to apply to your

personal story and situation. Taught by our Center experts. 

Holistic Weight Management  

Barbara Fasulo, CH & Maureen Wasik, RD

This program consists of two private sessions, 1 ½ hours each, to develop a plan for you to reduce or manage your weight. Meet with both a dietician and a hypnotist and learn about the importance of eating whole foods, how to reduce cravings and avoid high calorie bingeing, and how to be mindful as you eat.

Please call 860.714.4450 to schedule your private sessions.

Fee:  $200

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Improving Health with Raw Food Smoothies: An intro to Smoothie Basics 

Christopher Gaunya L.Ac.

Everyone knows that getting enough fruits and veggies in their diet is essential to good health, but who has the time? Smoothies are an easy and convenient means of getting those benefits without a lot of hassle. This presentation will cover what you need to get started, why fruits and veggies are essential for health, what supplements to use, as well as smoothie do’s and don’ts.

February 5
 7-8 p.m.
Jewish Community Center