About the Institute -- 'We've Come This Far by Faith!'

Curtis D. Robinson, Founder of the Men's Health InstituteI'm Curtis D. Robinson. I started the Men's Health Institute after my own experience battling prostate cancer.
I learned, following that experience, that African-American men are more likely to get this terrible disease than Caucasians, but their mortality rate is twice as high. My colleagues and I work tirelessly every day to correct this alarming health disparity. 

Let me tell you more about our work.

The Men’s Health Institute (MHI) is in its fifth year of helping to save men from Prostate Cancer by providing screenings, examinations, and, when necessary, surgery.  

This innovative partnership between Saint Francis and Hartford-area faith-based and community organizations is on a mission to correct disparities in men's health care. Our prostate cancer screenings and examinations are offered every month of the year, at locations throughout greater Hartford. For those requiring prostate cancer surgery who have no insurance, the Men's Health Institute provides financial assistance for prostate care and treatment according to the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center guidelines. We will set you up with a free financial consultation before your next appointment at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

The Men's Health Institute began as the passion of prostate cancer survivor Curtis D. Robinson. This philanthropist and business magnate was moved by statistics showing that African-American men are more than twice as likely to die from prostate cancer as Caucasian men. In response, he committed one million dollars toward the founding of an organization that would provide screenings, education, and assistance with surgery costs, saying, "I don't want to see another man die because he has no money for adequate healthcare."  

Soon, others joined in to support Robinson's mission. The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving granted the Institute $472,000, Aetna gave $30,000, and Norflet Progress Funds gave another $500,000. Yet even this is not enough to cover all the costs for care for those who have very little or no insurance at all. Would you consider making a donation to save the lives of men with prostate cancer?

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In November of 2010, MHI at Saint Francis, and Tuskegee University, a Historically Black College and University, entered into an agreement to find a cure for prostate cancer. This first-of-its-kind partnership between the largest Catholic Hospital in New England and an HBCU enters its research phase in the summer of 2013, when testing will begin on biopsy samples from African-American men. The goal of this research is to discover why this demographic is victimized by prostate cancer at a substantially higher rate than any other demographic in the world.

Curtis D. Robinson's mission continues to spread. In January of 2012, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, under the leadership of President and CEO Christopher M. Dadlez, established the Center for Health Equity (CHE). The CHE will energetically address issues of healthcare access for minorities, women, and other under-served demographics and communities.

As a further development, in the late autumn of 2012 the MHI and the CHE officially relocated their headquarters to the Urban League of Greater Hartford (ULGH) building, in order to better meet the health needs and concerns of the Hartford Community. A leadership team composed of Curtis D. Robinson and General John Watkins, both board members of Saint Francis Hospital, as well as Christopher M. Dadlez, Saint Francis’ CFO John Giamalis, and Dr. Marcus McKinney, Vice President of Community Health Equity, joined hands with ULGH President and CEO Adrienne W. Cochrane, Esq. to launch the renovation of the Urban League building. With this collaboration, it can finally be said that Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is not merely in the Hartford community, but truly of the Hartford community.

For all of the successes and historical milestones we are making, the MHI needs your continued financial support to help us save the lives of men from Prostate Cancer and help our community deal with inequities in healthcare access head-on.

To make a donation, please call the Saint Francis Foundation at 860-714-4900 or click on the button below. 

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If you would like us to participate in your health fair, or if you would like to schedule a community outreach clinic with us, please contact MHI at 860-714-5770, or email MHI: menshealth@stfranciscare.org