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Dr. Nathan Karin visits The Mandell MS Center - October, 2013

Dr. Nathan Karin has served as a professor of Immunology at Technion University since 1995. He is a world leader in the fight against autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Dr. Karin investigates the factors that may contribute to the nerve-damaging attacks that occur in MS, and the ways in which the immune system attacks myelin. Dr. Karin's research is also being examined for treatment of cancer through studying the role of chemokines in that disease, particularly with prostate cancer and melanoma.

Dr. Karin attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received a master's degree in Immunology. He then received his doctoral degree in Immunology from the Weizmann Institute and conducted post-doctoral work at Stanford University Medical School from 1990 - 1995. At Stanford, Dr. Karin discovered a major mechanism of cell migration to sites of inflammation that led to the development of one of the leading drugs for MS, named Natalizumab (Tysabri). This drug is manufactured by Biogen-Idec. Presently more than 112,000 patients have received this medication. For his outstanding research, Dr. Karin received a post-doctoral fellowship award from the National MS Society.

Dr. Nathan Karin meets with Mandell MS Center administration and patients to discuss his research.

Dr. Nathan Karin, Jay from Bristol, and Dr. Peter Wade.

Dr. Robert Krug introduces guests at a luncheon to honor Dr. Karin.

Christopher Dadlez, CEO of St. Francis Care, delivers the welcome address
and introduces Dr. Karin.

Dr. Nathan Karin

Dr. Peter Wade speaks to the role of Tysabri at the Mandell MS Center.

Amy Neal, PA-C, speaks to the history of the infusion center at the Mandell MS Center.

Andy Mandell, co-founder of the Mandell MS Center, meets Dr. Nathan Karin.

The Mandell MS Center clinical and research team including founders Joyce and Andy Mandell and Dr. Nathan Karin.


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