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Mandell MS Center Recognized by the National MS Society as a Partner in MS Care

President of the Connecticut Chapter of the National MS Society Lisa Gerrol, Andy and Joyce Mandell, and Cindy Zagieboylo, President of the National MS Society

Dr. Albert Lo of The Mandell MS Center

Saint Francis CEO Christopher Dadlez

Dr. Albert Lo, Christopher Dadlez, Lisa Gerrol, Andy and Joyce Mandell, Cindy Zagieboylo, Dr. Peter Wade, Dr. Robert Krug, Dr. Marlene Murphy-Setzko, Amy Neal, and Matt Farr

In December of 2013, The Mandell MS Center was officially recognized as a Center for Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Care through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Partners in MS Care program.  This formal recognition honors The Mandell MS Center’s commitment to exceptional patient care; its provision of coordinated, comprehensive MS care; and its continuing partnership with the MS Society to address the challenges of people affected by MS. 

“The Mandell MS Center has a deep and longstanding commitment to serving the multiple sclerosis community,” said Robert J. Krug, M.D., Medical Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “That commitment is demonstrated by the investments we have made in our staff who are nationally recognized in the field. It is further underscored through a range of world-class programs and services to help improve outcomes for patients and their families. 

"We are gratified to be recognized as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care and the only one in Central Connecticut,” adds Maura Murray, Executive Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “We are very proud of the care and services we provide here and to receive national recognition is truly an honor.” 

“We are so proud to partner with The Mandell MS Center in ensuring coordinated, comprehensive care for the thousands of people living with MS in Connecticut,” said Lisa Gerrol, President of the Connecticut Chapter of the National MS Society. “In earning this recognition, The Mandell MS Center has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in MS care, care that has a real-life impact on people affected by MS in our community.” 

"This recognition confirms our philosophy that comprehensive care is essential to improving the quality of life for our patients and their families," said Peter Wade, M.D., Director of Neurology.   

The Society’s designation as a Center for Comprehensive MS Care recognizes the need for patients to have access to a full array of medical, psycho-social and rehabilitation services to address the varied and often complex issues related to living with MS, an unpredictable, often disabling chronic disease of the central nervous system. 

The Partners in MS Care program acknowledges and encourages total coordinated care for people living with MS and involves healthcare professionals in the areas of neurology, mental health and rehabilitation, as well as sites that provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive MS care.  


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