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Powerful Tools for Caregivers

An Educational Program to Support Caregivers

Powerful Tools for Caregivers Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital is excited to announce our investment in a new program entitled "Powerful Tools for Caregivers". We truly believe in the critical need for this comprehensive educational program to support caregivers of the patients we serve and our surrounding community. This is a nationally recognized program that is having a profound impact on enhancing the quality of life on all those who participate.

The program is divided into six weekly classes, during which caregivers develop a wide range of self-care tools designed to:

  • help reduce personal stress
  • change negative self-talk
  • better communicate their needs to family members and healthcare/service providers
  • communicate more effectively in challenging situations
  • recognize the messages in their emotions
  • cope with difficult emotions.

This educational program also supports caregivers in making tough care giving decisions such as nursing home placements, driving issues, or finances.

The class design emphasizes hands-on learning, experiential activities, peer support, and facilitated group discussion. Participating caregivers create independent action plans and as part of the group, practice new techniques, try out communication strategies and learn practical tips. The benefits of stress management tools such as breathing for relaxation, listening to music, and seeking out humor are encouraged.

Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital will be sponsoring four class leaders who received training on 3/19 & 3/20. The class leaders are Matt Farr, Tara Rothstein, Michelle Russi and Karen Topalis.

It is our feeling that this program will offer a tremendous benefit to the caregivers of the patients we serve as well as the community at large. It provides another layer of service to the rehabilitation programs throughout our service line. Additional benefits are the opportunities to collaborate with other Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center service lines, agencies, organizations and healthcare facilities throughout the state and region.

Keeping our caregivers healthy, can only help to maintain or improve the quality of life for those patients we all serve. To learn more about the program or visit the website


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