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Host to the Multiple Sclerosis Brain Symposium 2016 | About Joyce and Andy Mandell


Symposium Greetings from Director Albert Lo, M.D.

Dr. Albert Lo, Director, The Mandell MS Center

Dear colleagues, MS professionals, MS patients, and families who have loved ones with MS:

Welcome to the inaugural MS BRAIN (Building Research and Infrastructure Networks) Symposium. The goal of this symposium is to identify critical new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations to effectively facilitate research, integrate multidisciplinary patient care, promote education, and public health advocacy. Through these efforts, we hope to continue to develop and sustain effective approaches to improving the quality of life for MS patients and their families.

The importance of integrated comprehensive care and research across the continuum of medical, rehabilitation, and community support has been the subject of great interest in the MS field in recent years. The key questions are: What have we learned from progress we have made to date on research and patient care? What are the next important research and treatment questions? How can we address clinical / medical-economic challenges to improve health care infrastructure systems and health care practice policies?

These thought-provoking questions underlie the sessions in this first MS BRAIN symposium. We are delighted to convene a distinguished group of international renowned speakers who will challenge and engage all of us in substantive discussions. The content of these presentations and discussions reflect, in large measure, the confluence of work and interest which initially inspired the establishment of the Mandell MS Center - comprehensive care, rehabilitation, epidemiology, nervous system repair and patient education.

The first day of the symposium is oriented toward MS professionals, while the second day also includes topics which will be of more specific interest to individuals with MS and their family members. There are exhibitors available during the breaks on both days.

Please enjoy the symposium and receptions. Again, we welcome you all and look forward to the exciting ideas and future collaborations that this meeting is intended to generate.

Best wishes,
Albert Lo, MD, PhD
Chair, MS BRAIN Symposium Planning Committee


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