The Sleep Lab at the Sleep Disorders Center

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The Sleep Disorders Center at Saint Francis is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
The Sleep Disorders Center
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Your physician may request that you submit to a Sleep Test in our state-of-the-art Sleep Lab. 

The Sleep Lab at the Sleep Disorders Center
Before you begin a Sleep Test in our Sleep Lab, electrodes are attached to your skin using a mild adhesive. The electrodes transmit your body readings -- brainwaves, heartbeat, breathing, and more -- to a computer, which assembles them into a polysomnogram. Our physicians will use your polysomnogram to diagnose your sleep disorder. Your sleep is also recorded on video. As you sleep in our Sleep Lab, a sleep technician monitors from a nearby room.

Depending on your symptoms, your sleep technician may awaken you during the night to try a device that helps with breathing problems during sleep. This device, called a CPAP machine, provides continuous positive airway pressure, and uses a small mask which fits around your nose, or around both your nose and mouth.

Upon awakening in the morning you may return home, or go to work. The Sleep Disorders Center's fully equipped rest rooms include showers and changing areas, allowing you to prepare for your day.

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