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Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

Town Commons

Rehabilitation therapists use Town Commons simulated environments to provide physical rehabilitation to patients with a variety of conditions.

Town Commons simulated environments give therapists and patients the opportunity to practice encountering community challenges. The site includes café and park bench area, grocery store checkout counter, crosswalk with traffic signals, and even a full-size car.

Rehab Mini-Bus

Community-based therapy becomes available through use of the mini-bus.

Our state-of-the-art mini-bus provides community-based therapy. Functionally based, treatment-oriented outings allow patients to practice maneuvering in crowded environments and overcome other barriers found outside the Hospital. The mini-bus has room for four wheelchair and six ambulatory patients.

Therapeutic Pool

Through aqua therapy, buoyancy aids in the re-education of muscle as patients build strength.

The 92-degree water in our Therapeutic Pool aids pain control and increases the elasticity of soft tissues. The buoyancy also aids muscle re-education and builds strength. The pool is an integral part of the hospital's outpatient community arthritis program.

Swim Ex® Pool

Controlled water flow and multiple levels and stations in the Swim Ex Pool allow for a variety of therapeutic exercises.

The SwimEx® Pool provides several levels and stations, allowing dynamic and varied exercise capability. It can also provide a constant flow of water with controlled and variable rate, allowing patients to exercise against that resistance, or walk or swim in place with therapist direction and supervision.

Outpatient Gym and Fitness Center

Specialized therapy equipment makes the Outpatient Gym the perfect setting for advanced physical therapy.

Our Outpatient Gym and Fitness Center provides patients and therapists with a variety of equipment and exercise options in an expansive, adaptable, well-lit environment.

Neuro Rehab Gym

Patients with neurological conditions and impairments are provided with physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy in our Neuro Rehab Gym.

We've equipped our Neuro Rehab Gym with an assortment of state-of-the-art technology specially designed for the rehabilitation of those with neurological impairments.

Speech Treatment Room

Our Speech Treatment Room is fully equipped to support a broad variety leading-edge speech therapy programs, serving patients across a wide range of abilities.

Cream and Two Sugars

Cream and Two Sugars, the cafe at Town Commons, allows patients to gain confidence while practicing situations encountered in restaurants and other service venues.

The Terrace

The Terrace provides many opportunities for patients to recover fine motor skills through planting and cultivating flowers and decorative plants.

Patients re-learn fine motor skills as they enjoy horticultural activities on the Terrace.


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