Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Program

The Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Program at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is the oldest hospital based child evaluation program in Hartford. The program was developed to address those complex problems that might impede a child’s development and restrict a family’s quality of life. The diagnosis and management of children’s developmental, learning and behavioral problems requires the input of specialists so that an understanding of the whole child can be obtained. The Developmental and Behavioral Program in the Center for Children’s Health and Development offers individualized, family-centered care by multiple specialists in one location over a relatively short period of time to minimize inconvenience for families.

Services available

Evaluation by specially trained pediatricians and psychologists is available for the following problems:

  • hyperactivity and attentional problems
  • developmental delays (problems acquiring language, with motor skills or with intellectual functioning)
  • autism
  • problems with incontinence (involuntary urination or soiling)
  • chronic pain
  • other psychological and behavioral problems (problems with sleep, habit disorders, etc.)

Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluations are tailored to the needs of the individual child and family. An attempt is made to consider the whole child and examine the various aspects of each child’s life that may have a role in creating or perpetuating a problem. Depending on the type of problem, members of the team perform thorough physical, neurodevelopmental, psychometric and psychological testing as well as educational screening. Laboratory tests, when necessary, can be obtained at the same convenient location.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, the team will discuss treatment recommendations with the family. Suggestions may include behavioral approaches, short term psychotherapy, medication, biofeedback, referral to other medical or mental health specialists. All discussion takes place in a relaxed supportive environment. Follow-up visits may be scheduled to monitor the efficacy of the treatment. The family will receive a complete written report including recommendations that can be distributed at their discretion.

Referral Process

Referrals are welcomed from physicians, schools, day care centers, agencies working with children and parents who are concerned about their child’s development. Once complete information is received and reviewed, a visit will be scheduled if the referral seems appropriate for our program. If not, an attempt will be made to identify other resources for the family. Evaluations vary in cost depending on the personnel involved. Third-party payers may cover some portion of the evaluation.

Referrals can be called into 860-714-4931

The Developmental and Behavioral Program is located in Suite 1025 on the ground floor of Saint Francis’ Gengras Building.