Patient Checklist

Schedule Medical Appointments

o History and physical,

date: _____/_____/_____

o Lab work


o Other

Prepare for Surgery

o Complete your medication profile form

o Complete your pre-assessment surgical screening call

o Prepare your home

Prepare for Recovery at Home

Below is a checklist for you to prepare your home in advance. These tips will aid you in your recovery after surgery.

o Remove scattered or throw rugs

o Remove clutter

o Place frequently used objects within reach. Ensure that items are between waist and shoulder level

o Stock up on groceries and day-to-day medical supplies

o Cook and freeze meals in advance so that you can have ready-made meals handy

o Arrange for help for tasks such as cooking, laundry, housework and shopping

Plan for After Care

Discuss options with your surgeon if appropriate and necessary:

o Home with home care service

o Skilled nursing facility (visit more than one and pre-book the one you like)

o Explore insurance coverage/co-pays

What to Bring for Your Hospital Stay

o Photo ID

o Insurance cards

o Medication profile

o Eyeglasses, contacts, and dentures

o Special toiletries you may require

o Comfortable loose-fitting clothes (i.e. jogging suit, nightshirt, bathrobe)

o Comfortable shoes or sneakers and slippers

o Telephone numbers of people you may wish to contact

o Books, magazines, or hobby items

Please Do Not Bring

  • Valuables
  • Jewelry
  • Credit cards
  • Wallet
  • Medications, unless otherwise directed