Achilles Tendonitis

What is Achilles Tendonitis?

The Achilles is the large tendon in the back of the leg that connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. It is used for walking, running, and jumping. Inflammation of this tAchilles Tendonitisendon, frequently caused by overuse, can cause pain that may be shooting, burning or piercing. Achilles pain is most common in athletes and can develop gradually with no history of trauma.

What you can do…

  • Athletes should warm up the muscles with a stretching program prior to any workout.
  • Decrease the distance of runs or walks and avoid uphill climbs while pain persists.
  • Apply ice to the Achilles tendon after strenuous activity.

How a podiatric physician can help…

A heel cup or heel cradle can be created to elevate the heel to reduce stress and pressure on the Achilles tendon. The device should be made with light-weight, shock absorbing materials. An orthotic device can be used to control support the longitudinal arch, and reduce stress on the Achilles tendon.