Surgical Safety Leaders

Dr. Steinberg Dr. Steven Ruby
Chairman and Director
Department of Surgery
“Saint Francis uses a disciplined team approach to improve surgical services and overall performance. The team meets once a month to report on core measures and quality improvement initiatives. This multi-faceted team approach has enabled us to make dramatic improvements in core measures for surgery.”
View our Quality Report Card from the US Department of Health and Human Services
The core measures for the Surgical Care Improvement Program (SCIP) focus on things that hospitals can do to prevent infections and heart complications.

Patient Safety is "Priority 1"
for Every Surgical Team Member

You can see it in the careful planning that underlies every surgical procedure we perform.

You can see it in our meticulously designed and implemented Checklist Procedures, which help ensure that all surgical team members work together for the best possible patient outcomes.

Most importantly, you can see it in our results: advances in patient-centered surgical care that are a model for other hospitals in the region. 

At Saint Francis, we never stop working to advance surgical safety.

NSQIP LogoSaint Francis Hospital and Medical Center participates in the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP), and has done so voluntarily since 2007.

This evidence-based program is considered the “Gold Standard” by the Joint Commission for outcomes measurement and reporting, and our participation helps us stay on the leading edge of surgical care quality.

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is one of only 6 hospitals in Connecticut utilizing this exclusive reporting program for continuous quality improvement. Since starting the ACS NSQIP, we have consistently reduced the risk to our surgical patients of post-operative, hospital-acquired complications.

Saint Francis Care surgeons do all that it takes to provide you with Best Care for a Lifetime.