OLDWill other specialists be consulted?

Surgical intensivists are required to maintain expertise in the evaluation and management of multiple organ system problems in critically ill patients, including cardiopulmonary (heart/lung) disease, renal (kidney) disease, neurological (brain and spine) disease, gastrointestinal disease, nutrition support, infectious disease and immunology. The SCC Team is qualified to perform invasive cardiopulmonary monitoring and management, manage ventilators (breathing machines), perform bronchoscopy and tracheostomy, place feeding tubes, and provide complex nutritional support. As a result, other specialty consultations are not routinely necessary.

Specialists, however, are consulted to participate in the care of particularly complex or unusual cases, or when a medical service is required that the Surgical Critical Care Team doesn’t routinely provide (e.g. dialysis, cardiac catheterization/angioplasty).