Bike Helmet Education & Distribution Program (BHED)

The Bike Helmet Education & Distribution (BHED), a new initiative of our V.I.P.P. program, will distribute free bicycle and Multi-Sport Dual-Certified helmets at bike rodeos to children in low-income families, and to other children in need. This program will also incorporate the Emergency Department. A child who is admitted to the ED because he/she has suffered a head injury and was not wearing an appropriate helmet will be provided a new helmet, and safety education on how to properly wear it. Our goal is to educate families about the importance of using safety devices like these correctly and consistently. Correct fit and proper positioning are essential to ensuring the effectiveness of bike helmets and reducing injury. Studies demonstrate that “helmets have shown to reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent and the risk of brain injury by as much as 88 percent,” when helmets are properly fitted and used consistently.  Emergency Department staff will provide a hands-on demonstration on properly fitting a helmet to the child, and to the parent accompanying that child, should he/she suffer an injury from not wearing a helmet.

More Links about Bike Safety and Concussion (pdf)