How do I know if I have a pelvic floor disorder?

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Early symptoms can be subtle, such as an inability to keep a tampon inside the vagina, dampness in underwear or discomfort caused by dryness during intercourse.
As the prolapse gets worse, some women complain of:

  • A bulging, pressure or heavy sensation in the vagina that worsens by the end of the day or during bowel movements
  • The feeling that they are “sitting on a ball”
  • Needing to push stool out of the rectum by placing their fingers into the vagina during bowel movement
  • Difficulty starting to urinate, a weak or spraying stream of urine
  • Urinary frequency or the sensation that they are not emptying their bladder completely
  • The need to lift up the bulging vagina or uterus to start urination
  • Urine leakage with intercourse
 Uternine Anatomy

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