We understand that attending the clinic regularly for treatment can significantly disrupt the patient's daily routine. In order to minimize this, we work directly with them and strive to schedule their visits so that waiting times are reduced as much as possible. To achieve this objective we need everybody's cooperation and ask that they:

  • Keep to their appointed times. If they start their treatment late it means that other patients will be inconvenienced and delayed.
  • Advise us if they will be unable to keep an appointment. We might be able to reschedule another patient and fit them in later but can only do this if we know sufficiently ahead of time. Maintaining a regular treatment program is a critical factor in achieving a good outcome.
  • Adhere to our Do's and Don'ts.

We accept most private, commercial and government insurance. Please provide a referral and ask them to have their insurance information available when attending the clinic.

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