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Steps to Healing Stubborn Wounds...


The first step to successful wound treatment is to determine the cause of the wound and what factors may be preventing it from healing.  This is why treatment always starts with a complete health history and a thorough evaluation of the wound and wound area. In addition to performing a physical examination, patients can expect us to measure and photograph the wound. If there is an infection, we will use wound, tissue and blood cultures, as well as biopsies if necessary, to diagnose the cause of the infection and prescribe the most effective medications or other treatment options.

Comprehensive Treatment

Specialists at The Center for Advanced Wound Healing will work closely with your primary care doctor or other referring physician or nurse to establish a plan for treatment and follow-up care. 


Patients will learn about lifestyle changes that can help to promote wound healing. Sometimes, special footwear, mattresses, chair cushions or other types of padding will be prescribed to ease pressure on the wounded area.


In addition to receiving care for existing wounds, patients suffering with lower-leg arterial or venous ulcers may be referred to specialists in radiology and/or vascular surgery, who may be able to provide longer-term relief. Wheelchair patients who experience repeated pressure ulcers may be referred to area wheelchair clinics that can offer pressure mapping, recommend off-loading devices and ensure that the wheelchair is properly fit to minimize rubbing or pressure on bony prominences. Lymphedema is addressed by the Lymphedema service at the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, which is also conveniently located on the North Campus of Saint Francis and easy to reach from the Wound Center. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may also be an option to speed healing.


We also can refer patients to services, such as diabetes care or nutrition counseling,  that can help them address the underlying causes of non-healing wounds. If appropriate, we also teach family members and caregivers how to perform wound care and how to use the products we prescribe.