Sleep Disorders Center

Get started on the road to a good night's sleep today, in one of these convenient ways: 

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The Sleep Disorders Center at Saint Francis is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

The Sleep Disorders Center
at Saint Francis
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Poor-quality sleep can sour your mood, make you drowsy at work, and can even indicate deeper health problems. The physicians and sleep specialists at The Sleep Disorders Center at Saint Francis stand ready to diagnose your sleep disorder and develop an effective treatment plan just for you.

Sleep Tests: 2 Options

Sleep Tests give your physician important information about your body's sleep patterns. The Sleep Disorders Center offers two kinds:

  • Home Testing, the convenient, comfortable way to record your sleep information in your own home, on your schedule. Learn more... 
  • Sleep Lab Testing performed here at Saint Francis.
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Whether your Sleep Test is performed at home or in our Sleep Lab, our physicians and sleep specialists will help point the way to better nights ahead, for a better-rested, healthier you.