CareKlix FAQ

    What is CareKlixsm? 
    CareKlix is an online service of Saint Francis Care that provides you with health information tailored to your personal choices.

    Where do CareKlix news articles originate?
    Your CareKlix news articles are selected from a daily newsfeed provided by HealthDay, a subscriber health news distribution service. See for more information.

    How frequently are news articles selected for me? 
    Based on your request for healthcare information, CareKlix selects up to four new articles for you each weekday (Monday through Friday) using the previous weekday’s HealthDay news articles list.

    How does CareKlix work?
    Your name and health category choices are saved to your browser as a cookie, which is simply a very small text file. When you return to or reload the page, CareKlix reads the information on the cookie.

    Next, CareKlix displays the name you shared – for example, “Welcome back, Alice. 

    CareKlix then compares the list of health categories that you selected with the list of health categories for each HealthDay news article in the article list. When an article’s categories match any of the categories you selected, CareKlix displays the headline for that article. CareKlix displays up to four headlines per weekday.

    This means that:

    • Since each browser saves its own cookies, if you visit using a different browser or a different computer from the one you used to sign up for CareKlix, you will again see the first pop-up window asking you if you’d like to try CareKlix.
    • If someone else visits using your computer and the browser you used to sign up for CareKlix, that person will be greeted with the name you shared and will see HealthDay news headlines chosen for you.
    • Since Saint Francis Care online is accessible from three different domain names (,, and, your CareKlix choices will only apply to the domain name that appeared in your browser's address window when you signed up for CareKlix.

    Why do some of the articles chosen for me seem to not match the health news categories I selected? 
    Most articles can be assigned to more than one category. Also, many health categories relate one to another.

    No headlines appear on my CareKlix window. Instead, I see this notice: "None of today's Health News articles match your health category choices." Why? 
    The list of HealthDay news articles from any given day may not include articles relating to the subjects you selected. That's OK. Simply visit the next weekday. Your category choices are bound to match HealthDay news articles eventually.

    CareKlix didn't open for me when I visited, even though I signed up for it days ago. Why?
    There are several possible reasons for this:

    • When you click "Close CareKlix for now," CareKlix stays closed for 4 hours. Visit the Saint Francis Care website again after 4 hours have passed and the CareKlix should open for you.
    • You may have inadvertently clicked one of the choices that causes CareKlix to disappear for 180 days -- see below. If this is the case, simply click "Try CareKlix" next to "Today's Health News," about halfway down the page on the left side, and then sign up for CareKlix again.
    • You may be visiting Saint Francis Care from a different domain than the one you used to sign up for CareKlix. Click on one of the following to see if your CareKlix appears -- and if so, use that domain to visit Saint Francis Care from now on:  

    I decided not to try CareKlix, but I've changed my mind and now want to give it a try.
    How can I make the CareKlix window appear again?

    Click here to reset CareKlix. Then revisit the home page. 

    I unsubscribed from CareKlix, but now I miss my daily health news headlines.
    How can I get CareKlix back?

    Click here to reset CareKlix. Then revisit the home page. 

    What happens when I click… 

    • …“No, thank you” or “Close X”? 
      The CareKlix window disappears. After 180 days, when you return to, you will have another opportunity to try CareKlix.
    • …outside the CareKlix window? 
      The CareKlix window disappears. The next time you return to or reload the page you will have another opportunity to try CareKlix. 
    • … “Close CareKlix for now” ? 
      The CareKlix window disappears. After 4 hours have passed, when you return to Saint Francis Care online the CareKlix window will reappear.

    How does CareKlix protect my privacy? 
    CareKlix only saves the first name or nickname that you shared and the health news categories you selected. We don’t share or sell this information. CareKlix does not search your computer, send you SPAM emails, or infect your computer with malware. Read our privacy policy.