Test Enhancing Physician Profile

    Hospital Affiliations
    Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center
    University of Connecticut’s John Dempsey Hospital (courtesy)

    Honors and Awards
    2014  US DOJ, Office for Victims of Crime, National Crime Victim Service Nominee Washington, DC

    2014  National Arts Foundation, Annual Benefit, 2nd Prize, Photography  Hartford, Connecticut

    2013  Connecticut Hospital Association, Healthcare Hero  Wallingford, Connecticut

    2013  Best Faculty Teacher, UCONN School of Medicine—GME  Farmington, Connecticut

    2013 Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center, Community Action Award  Hartford, Connecticut

    2013  Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambery Award  Hartford, Connecticut

    2011  American Red Cross Medical Professionals Award, Nominee  Farmington, Connecticut

    2010  Best Faculty Teacher, UCONN School of Medicine--GME  Farmington, Connecticut

    Selected or Recent Journal Articles
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