The second year training program (Chief Resident Position, PGY-2) is an extension of the one-year training program in so far as many of the same goals and objectives are shared; however, the Chief Resident position at Saint Francis is not necessarily a continuation of the first year program.  A resident may be selected from the PGY-1 group or from an outside institution.  In addition to meeting the standards for one-year programs, the second year clearly offers didactic and clinical experiences beyond the scope of one-year program.

The second year will be tailored to the specific professional interests of an individual as much as possible based on the specific strengths of resources available at Saint Francis.

The goals of the second year as Chief Resident in General Dentistry are to provide the resident with an opportunity:

  1. To advance clinical skills and develop new skills beyond the GPY-1 level.
  2. Assume greater responsibility for managing patients and providing care in the operating room.
  3. Develop research skills by conducting and reporting on original, collaborative or other resource or literature reviews.
  4. Assume teaching and administrative responsibilities related to the daily management of the residency program and the Department of Dentistry.
  5. Assume greater responsibility and develop decision-making abilities related to ambulatory patient care.
  6. Develop an appreciation for inter-departmental relationships the hospital table of organization and hospital administration.
  7. Develop interpersonal, practice management & leadership skills.
  8. Participate in program development.

The primary purpose of the second year, Chief Resident position in dentistry at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center is to prepare a qualified individual for a career in hospital dentistry or quality general practice with hospital affiliation and active participation in a hospital based residency training program.