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The Curtis D. Robinson
Center for Health Equity

140 Woodland Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

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Bridge - Navigate - Support

Staff at the Center for Health Equity expect to engage in activities that bridge the divide between healthcare providers and patients; navigate through the complex healthcare system to find solutions; and support the community in addressing health disparities.

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Our Leadership: A Collaboration

Leadership at the Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity (CDRCHE) is a collaborative effort.

  • The Innovation + Learning Center and the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI) offer the core platform for the CDRCHE, assuring an integrated, state-of-the-art educational context right next door. These institutions are designed to facilitate a health equity approach to provide education, research, and community engagement throughout the entire Saint Francis network of providers.

  • The Saint Francis Primary Care service line team guides all clinical needs within a context of a medical neighborhood, assuring that continuity of services are easily accessible to the community. Here you will find a culturally responsive medical team aiming to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time. 

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Our Approach: Many Doors to Open

The Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity is located in the Asylum Hill neighborhood in Hartford, on the first floor of the Urban League of Greater Hartford. When you enter our lobby you are greeted by a collection of doors. We think of those doors as a symbolic representation of the many ways to approach our work. The CDRCHE uses an EQUITY approach, which allows for interaction and input at all stages.

Engage and empower the community
Quantify and
Understand health disparities
Integrate health equity into our work
Target resources
Yield partnerships for solutions

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Our Work: Community Engagement, Education, and Research

Community Engagement

Community input and the exchange of ideas will result in lasting change. In order to facilitate these vital functions, the Center for Health Equity will:

  • Identify and support programs that address specific health disparities
  • Address social determinants of health through creative partnerships
  • Deliver innovative solutions for healthcare access to our community


Resolving health disparities begins with education. In order to provide education, the Center for Health Equity will: 

  • Offer training
  • Hold classes
  • Organize meetings
  • Provide meeting space for informal gatherings


Understanding health disparities is critical to our work. In order to expand our understanding of health disparities, the Center for Health Equity will:

  • Hold focus groups to hear about clinical and community concerns
  • Review data on health services to understand community needs
  • Collaborate with individuals and agencies on health equity research projects
  • Investigate best practices in Health Equity

Health Advocacy

In order to engage and support patients, providers, and policy makers in advocating for and delivering equitable healthcare, the Center for Health Equity will:

  • Increase awareness of health disparities
  • Be a resource for community leaders to influence health policy
  • Initiate projects and track activities that address health disparities
  • Create systems change to enhance health equity at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center 

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