Ebola Screening Information

EVD SIT (Ebola Virus Disease Screen, Isolate & Transfer)

Is It Flu or Is It EbolaWe have made minor changes to our Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak preparedness plan. Please note that as of now we have not incorporated the latest CDC recommendations around personal protection as the details of this is not yet clear. We have simplified our message and now have an acronym for it: EVD SIT plan which stands for Ebola Virus Disease Screen, Isolate & Transfer (SIT) plan.


All inpatient and outpatients should be asked about their travel to/from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone within the last 30 days at any point of entry within the Hospital or within Hospital satellite locations. All patients should also be asked if they had contact with a person with known or suspected Ebola virus in the last 30 days.

We have reviewed possible scenarios and developed screening tools with instructions based on location. Please note that the paper screening tools are also available on our Ebola Preparedness Infonet Site.

Location-Emergency Department: Travel and screening questions have been added to the Epic Emergency Department triage form. An Epic alert is generated for any patient who has the pertinent travel history noted in the Epic triage form. The alert is visible to anyone opening the patient’s Epic chart and must be acknowledged once per clinician. The travel and screening questions will be added to all Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Departments that intake patients next week. Until then, please use the paper screening tool available here.

Location-Hospital Inpatient & Outpatient Department (Physically Connected to Saint Francis): If you are a Hospital Outpatient Department or physician office physically connected to Saint Francis (Gengras Building, Comprehensive Women’s Health Center, Cancer Center, Radiology, and Laboratory): Click here or your screening tool.  

Location-Satellite/Outpatient Locations (NOT Physically Connected to Saint Francis): If you are a Hospital Outpatient Department NOT physically connected to Saint Francis (Mount Sinai Campus, Asylum Hill Family Medicine, Physician Offices, Access Centers, off-site Radiology offices and Laboratory Draw Stations): Click here for your screening tool.


If the screening test is positive and you have taken a basic history to ascertain severity of illness, please place a mask on the patient, and isolate them in a private room or negative pressure room if available.


Hospital Inpatient & Outpatient Department (Physically Connected to Saint Francis): Call the Infectious Disease on-call physician by calling the Hospital Operator at 860.714.4000.

Satellite/Outpatient Locations (NOT Physically Connected to Saint Francis): Call the Saint Francis Emergency Room at 860.714.4865. Follow your town’s guidelines for ambulance service to arrange for transport. Call 911 if the patient is critically ill.

As this situation evolves, we will continue to communicate regularly. However, if additional questions arise, please contact your manager.

Ebola Virus Workflows

Click here to download and view the Ebola Virus Workflows  chart 


Contact us at: ebolainfo@stfranciscare.org