Working to Correct Health Disparity

Listen to a Sean Hannity Show interview with Men's Health Institute founder Curtis D. Robinson.

The Men's Health Institute was recently mentioned in a New York Times article on men's health. Read more (pdf)... 

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Special thanks to the following for services they provide to our patients:

Radiological Associates of Hartford
Woodland Anesthesiology Associates1
Hartford Urology Group

Saint Francis / Mount Sinai
Regional Cancer Center

"I don't want to see another man die because he has no money for adequate healthcare."

Curtis D. Robinson
Founder and Board Member
The Men's Health Institute

The American Cancer Society states that African-American men are more likely to get prostate cancer than Caucasian men, and have a nearly two-fold mortality rate when compared with Caucasian men.* To help correct this health disparity, Saint Francis has partnered with more than 30 faith-based and community organizations to develop The Men's Health Institute. 

Our goals are patient education, early detection, appropriate treatment, access to the most advanced treatment options, and continued support for men at risk. To meet these goals, we provide the following:

  • Private prostate cancer testing and screening 

  • Referral, as needed, to Saint Francis physicians for further examination and treatment, and access to all available treatment options 

  • Monthly prostate cancer support group meetings with featured speakers and related topics 

  • Financial assistance for prostate cancer care and treatment, according to Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center guidelines. 

Tuskeegee University Research for African-American Men's Prostate Health 

Our Historic Relationship with Tuskeegee University


In 2010, Tuskegee University entered into an historic partnership with The Men's Health Institute at Saint Francis. Learn more... 

*National Cancer Institute, Cancer Health Disparities Fact Sheet