The Saint Francis Simulation Studio is a high fidelity, 1,141 square foot facility that includes three patient bays, a production/recording room, and three large adjacent conference rooms for debriefing teams following a simulation session. These conference rooms have the capability to receive live video and audio from the studio or access previously recorded sessions. The Simulation Studio is a highly flexible space that can be quickly set and reset to replicate any clinical setting (e.g. emergency department, operating room, Intensive Care Unit, impatient room, radiology unit, primary care office, etc.)

The Studio is equipped with video cameras and all simulation are video recorded for use in debriefing sessions following the simulation. The video recording is captured using a Simulation Based Medical Education software, StudioCode, which is able to highlight specific components of the simulation scenario that are based on the learning objectives that are designed into the session. StudioCode enhances the debriefing sessions by allowing instant access to coded or "tagged" sections of the video that are the focus of the advanced learning planned by the simulation instructor.

About the Center

The Innovation + Learning Center at Saint Francis is a large conference facility, designed to provide ease-of-use functionality when hosting conferences and events. Each of the three conference rooms have a number of technological capabilities that provide simple set up and use to meet your conference needs. Each of the rooms have the ability to share content among one another as well as various recording options if you wanted to upload and share your event afterward. The lobby of the center has a reception area that can be used for registration sign/in when your participants arrive, as well as a lounge area and small-group workstation.

Center for Innovation and Learning
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
260 Ashley Street, 1st Floor
Hartford, CT 06105
Ph. 860.714.4583

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